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Donation to the inhabitants of Lambaréné in Gabon

SublimForever aims to be an environmentally and societal responsible company. Beyond promoting products that are as natural as possible, we are also committed to the most disadvantaged populations by donating part of our profits through in-kind donations (food, clothing, etc.).

We also make sure that these donations go to those who really need them first, by reducing the number of middlemen as much as possible.

For the end of the year 2019 celebrations, we have decided to follow in the footsteps of Dr Albert Schweitzer, born January 14, 1875 in Kaysersberg in Alsace, then under German domination, and died September 4, 1965 (aged 90) in Lambaréné in Gabon.

Arriving in Lambaréné in 1913, he devoted most of his life to building the local hospital and helping the indigenous populations.

With the rewards from the Nobel Peace Prize which he received in 1954, he has built the “Village Lumière”, with the goal to shelter patients suffering from leprosy. Located in the middle of a picturesque forest a few meters from the Schweitzer hospital, this village still exists and is home to many inhabitants.

We therefore decided to come to the help of the inhabitants of this village, through relatives in the region who put us in contact with them. The food we donated was purchased from local traders, so as to benefit as many people as possible from our action.

The inhabitants of the "Village Lumière" welcomed the arrival of our representatives with joy, the goal not being to put the SublimForever brand forward but to come to the aid of the greatest number.

All this would not be possible without the loyalty of our Sublime customers. That’s why we also wanted to thank you.

Because this type of action should not be just a one-to-one story, we will not fail to hear from the inhabitants of the “Village Lumière” in the future, while remaining aware that we can come to the aid of many other populations elsewhere in Africa.

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