Causes of vaginal dryness and how to fix it

Causes of vaginal dryness and how to fix it

To better understand vaginal dryness, you must first understand its origin.

The main cause of this is menopause: almost one in two women will suffer from it after menopause! However, menopause is not the only cause. Many women can live with dryness during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, due to medication, illness, psychological distress, stress, dehydration, after trauma sexual intercourse or after using products not designed for personal hygiene.

Vaginal dryness might seem like a relatively minor problem, but it can cause several problems, from minor to serious. Dryness primarily causes discomfort in everyday life and during sex, but it can go as far as causing infections, cracks, bleeding, difficulty experiencing sexual pleasure, and low self-esteem.

Since this condition will affect a large proportion of women during their lifetime, it is important to be aware of the options available to us to remedy the situation.

At the doctor

Your doctor may suggest hormone therapy, which involves adding or lowering certain hormones with medicines. These treatments can be relatively effective, but are used less and less since a link with cancer and this type of drug has been detected. Your doctor may also suggest that you have psychological counseling to treat more mental causes following trauma or chronic stress. On the other hand, for people who suffer from vaginal dryness due to a physiological cause, such as age, psychological counseling will be ineffective.

Hydration from the inside

The simplest and most important solution to reducing drought is to consume plenty of water to avoid dehydration. When you are dehydrated, your whole body will suffer, especially the mucous membranes. If you feel that you have a dry mouth due to a lack of hydration, you will probably have vaginal dryness.

Hydration from the outside

Drinking water can help smaller cases, but in more serious cases outside help will be needed. Several types of products are available. You can use a lubricating oil that will help retain your natural hydration and keep you hydrated. A less well-known solution is intimate herbal teas. They have several virtues, including soothing vaginal dryness. To make an intimate herbal tea, you will put the herbal tea in a basin, on which you will sit to receive the vapor of the herbal tea. This ritual, in addition to being pleasant, will soothe your pain and help rehydrate your private parts.

If you are suffering from vaginal dryness, I strongly advise you to address this problem. This condition can decrease your quality of life and you don't have to go through it when there are so many options on the market to make you feel better. You have the right to comfort and well-being, whether in your sex life or in your daily life.