The female genitalia cleans itself, but why not give it a boost?

The female genitalia cleans itself, but why not give it a boost?

The world of personal hygiene has changed a lot in the past 50 years. Our grandmothers used toxic and ill-adapted products to reduce odors, such as talcum powder. A radical change has taken place in recent years: we now understand that the vagina is self-cleaning and that you have to be gentle with it. Many people have given up on all products, but it is important to understand that personal hygiene with products designed for this area brings many benefits.

Yes, the inside of the vagina cleans itself, but what about the outside?

When we talk about the genitalia, we often think of it in its entirety. So when it is said that the reproductive system is self-cleaning, some might think that there is no need to touch this area at all. The truth is, the inside of the vagina is self-cleaning, but the vulva does not have this ability. This is why it is essential to wash it with soap. However, be sure to use a soap designed specifically for this area of ​​the body, as it is more delicate and sensitive than the rest of your skin.

Non-natural fibers

The body is well made in its natural state, but the modern world imposes conditions that are sometimes different from the conditions for which it is designed. A very simple example is panties. Often made from unnatural fibers, they prevent the private parts from breathing properly and sometimes bring bad odors and can promote bacterial infections. Panties made from cottons or other natural fibers can reduce these problems, but who doesn't want to wear more stylish underwear every now and then? Washing with a good soap can help eliminate odors and hygienic problems and allow you to wear the panties of your choice without worrying about the fabric!

During and after menstruation

I am certainly not the only one who has felt irritated after my period. Given the nature of the products we use during this period, sanitary napkins, tampons, private parts are in contact with a lot of unusual materials. Cleansing your private parts during and after your period helps reduce these symptoms.

Rebalance the PH and prevent infections

Although well designed by nature, sometimes our genitals are out of balance in one way or another. When the pH of our vagina is out of balance, it becomes much more conducive to bacterial infections, which is why daily cleaning your private parts with a cleanser designed for this purpose with a pH suitable for this area will help prevent infections by helping to maintain this fragile balance and assist your vagina in its independent cleaning.

These are just a few reasons why it is helpful to use products for your personal hygiene. There are many ways and products to help your vaginal flora, balance your PH, reduce vaginal dryness, because the body is well done, but we can always help it do its job better!