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V-Detox - FAQs


How many pearls should I use?

  • A first cure includes 3 pearls, or the equivalent of a sachet. However, for an optimal effect, we advise you to do two cures, that is to say 6 pearls in total, then to renew this treatment once every 3 months.

How to make sure the pearl is properly placed?

  • It’s very simple. If you do not feel any discomfort while moving, it is because the bead is well positioned, about 7 cms from the entrance to the vagina.

Why do I smell bad smells after using a pearl?

  • Since our pearls are made exclusively from natural plants, they cannot be the source of these bad smells. On the contrary, they act as an indicator of an already existing infection. For example, the pearl may have caused a pocket of pus that was already in your vagina to open. We advise you to continue the treatment until the end.

Why I feel itchy after using a pearl?

  • As with bad smells, it's likely that the pearl caused a pocket of pus that was already in your vagina to open. Since the discharge has reached the edge of the vulva and the lips, this is the reason why you feel this itchiness. We recommend that you use our intimate foaming gel to soothe itching. A natural remedy is to mix baking soda with hot water and clean the irritated parts with this solution..

Can I use the pearls while pregnant or breastfeeding?

  • It should be understood that herbs are absorbed into your body, and potentially by the developing fetus or into breast milk. Although natural, we do not recommend the use of pearls during this period.

Can I use the pearls during my period?

  • We strongly advise against it, not only during menstruation but also three days before and three days after the period of menstruation. Your private parts are still sensitive during this period, you may feel tingling or itching.

Can I have sex during treatment?

  • We recommend that you stop the treatment and take care of your partner.
  • However, it is better to end the treatment if you have the possibility.

Are there any side effects?

  • Normally no. But every woman is different, a slight itching may occur. In this case, simply use our intimate foaming gel or a mixture of baking soda with hot water to clean the irritated areas.

After using the pearls, my vagina got too tight. What to do?

  • We advise you to use our lubricant oil solution to get you sensations as close as possible to natural vaginal secretions.

Can we combine the stick and the pearls?

  • We suggest that you first cure the pearls, then continue with the stick.

Can the pearls be used with an IUD?

  • Absolutely ! There is no contraindication to the use of pearls with an IUD. The IUD is placed in such a way that the plants contained in the pearls cannot act directly on it because it is fixed, not glued.

Can we use the pearls while being a virgin?

  • If you naturally feel a bit "wide", you can use them. Otherwise, we do not recommend it.

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